Laitila Coating Oy operational policies

The starting point for Laitila Coating Oy business operations is to deliver surface treatment and contractual manufacturing services in accordance with customer orders. Our aim is to build up business by means of close and confidential partnership-type co-operation with our customers.

We ensure compliance with our customers’ requirements, specify and determine the products before initiating production, and observe the schedules agreed.

We are constantly bettering our operations and efficiency through, for instance, addressing quality exceptions and emphasizing continuous improvement. We perform remedial measures in a controlled manner, carrying out preventative operations carefully and diligently.

We are intensifying our activities on behalf of our surroundings by identifying significant environmental aspects, setting goals for the environment, and establishing targets for each goal. We observe the laws, regulations and official directives concerned in all our operations.

Laitila, 1 January 2015

Kai Salo

Ismo Leskelä
Quality Manager